Ongoing interviews, feature stories, etc.

Robyn Bergeron robyn.bergeron at
Mon May 31 21:35:29 UTC 2010

In an effort to have more continuous content coming out of marketing,
I'd like to see the marketing team put some effort into producing
feature stories and interviews on a more regular basis (ie: weekly,
hopefully).   It helps us to get more content out in the community -
in particular, funneling into the Fedora Insight page, coming to a
computer near you very soon. :)  Additionally - doing an interview is
a really awesome, easy task for new contributors - it allows them to
talk to other people in the community, come up with their own
questions, get familiar with the wiki - without it being a huge,
daunting project.

Paul mentioned a week ago an idea he had for doing a feature story on
pkgdb (
- and at that point, we had no place to list feature story ideas.

But now we do!

This page is definitely a work in progress - I'm thinking about the
best way to keep this somewhat separate from Feature Profiles, which
should really be centered around specific Feature List / Talking
Points for an impending release, but still keep the ideas of how to
actually DO the interviews, etc.  As such - we need some content
around the "how-to" part, or a separate SOP, or to link to the Feature
Profiles SOP.  Thoughts, anyone?

I also need to work out a way to get these scheduled up - I figure as
we have more ideas, we can add a few per week to the in-progress
column - even as "unowned" - and create a marketing trac ticket for
each individual interview, and tag them for discussion in the weekly
marketing meeting.   (Thoughts welcome here as well.)

But - most importantly - I'd like to see some ideas about some cool
interviews that people would like to see in the near future.  I'm
going to write up a blog post on this - but if anyone on the marketing
list has ideas (and I KNOWWWWW we're full of ideas, so don't hold
back!) - please add them to the wiki page.

Cheers -


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