Fedora linux 13 “goddard” mini review

Rahul Sundaram metherid at gmail.com
Mon May 31 22:51:38 UTC 2010


Fairly detailed review of Fedora from a desktop user perspective


"I rather like Fedora 13 because it was pretty stable and I found it to
be faster than Ubuntu. All my laptop hardware including my Wifi and
webcam were supported by default and there were no crashes and bugs or
random system freezes which I experienced with Ubuntu 10.04. Fedora 13
is suitable for beginners, intermediate users as well as experienced
users. I prefer it over Ubuntu. It is worth installing as a primary
operating system or upgrading. Do try it out. As an operating system,
Fedora 13 Linux, “Goodard”, is rock solid and stable and moreover its
free. What more can anyone ask for? "


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