[in the news] Fedora 14: haven for Ubuntu's homeless GNOMEs

Kara Schiltz kschiltz at redhat.com
Wed Nov 3 19:54:41 UTC 2010

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Fedora 14: haven for Ubuntu's homeless GNOMEs
By Scott Gilbertson

Fedora 14, released Tuesday, has quite a bit of new stuff under the hood 
- things you probably won't notice most unless you're a systems admin or 
use Fedora for development.

For Fedora this is business as usual and, many would argue, the way it 
should be. After all, the latest UI bling is useless if the underlying 
system isn't delivering the tools you need on a rock solid foundation.

It also makes a nice contrast to Canonical's Ubuntu, which has a habit 
of taking Fedora's upstream contributions, wrapping them in a prettier 
package and stealing the limelight. There's nothing wrong with that, 
it's the nature of open source software - you can do what you want with 
it. It's just that Fedora rarely ends up getting the credit it deserves 
for making desktop Linux as usable as it has become over the years.

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