Self-Introduction: Braden Faulkner

braden faulkner brf256 at
Thu Nov 4 00:28:06 UTC 2010

Hello there,
My name is Braden Faulkner.

I live in Kirkland, Illinois and I'm a Student at HHU.

My goals in the Fedora Project are to join the ambassador team, help spread
the word and promote fedora and advertise so, the general public can become
aware of the Fedora Project. Overall, my goal is to increase the number of
people using fedora from day to day.

I like to talk about Linux, Open Source, Android, Fedora and generally
anything that has to do with Electronics and Computers, especially

In Fedora I would like to see a Customized Gnome look that would make it a
little more modern, similar to what the OpenSolaris project has done.

Something else I'd like to do is design large billboard ads or bus/bench ads
that would be eye catching and creative. Launching an ad campaign would be
something broader I may also want to do with these ads.

I have some marketing qualification. I have taken both a
computer business course and a mainstream business course. I also,
have participated in many (video) commercial making

In the past I have worked on (video) commercial projects, creating posters
and presentations (Keynotes, PowerPoints, etc.).

Thanks again,
Braden Faulkner

-- Braden Richard Faulkner

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