Fedora meetup in the Silicon Valley this Tuesday Nov 9, 2010

Beth Lynn Eicher bethlynn at fedoraproject.org
Mon Nov 8 20:25:29 UTC 2010

Hello Folks,

The Large Installation System Administrators conference (LISA) in San
Jose, CA this Tuesday November 9. Here the conference provides free
function space to discuss topics of interest to system administrators
as "Birds of A Feather" (BOF) sessions. I have secured a room for
Fedora at 9 pm.

At this meeting, we will celebrate F14, encourage sysadmins to try
Fedora, discuss Fedora Features of interest to sysadmins, offer
on-site Fedora installation assistance, recruit contributors, and chat
about how Fedora is being used in the wild.

The nature of BOF meetings is usually informal and adhoc. If you would
like to stop down, offer advice, or assist remotely, please add stuff
to the wiki...


Beth Lynn Eicher

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