[in the news]: Did Ubuntu disrespect Fedora Linux with openrespect?

Jonathan Nalley jnalley at jnalley.com
Fri Nov 12 18:44:52 UTC 2010

it's actually an author's blog on a news site, so some might not deem
that news, but be that as it may:

"To be fair, I have not contacted Bacon for his side of this story,
but the fact that Fedora has publicly posted this as part of their
Board notes gives me some confidence of the validity of the
statement....The other thing that must happen for respect in open
source communities to occur, in my view is the oversight of a neutral
third party. Openrespect as an effort led by Jono Bacon, will always
be suspect for Ubunutu bias and ultimately that will render the effort
marginally useless."


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