[in the news] New Legal Guideline

Jan Wildeboer jwildebo at redhat.com
Sun Nov 14 15:51:05 UTC 2010

IMHO it is a risky decision. By limiting the field of use that governs what 
constitutes "acceptable" behaviour of Fedora, we effectively add regulations 
based on a vague feeling of "this could be somehow something that might put 
Fedora at risk".

I expect a full and thorough analysis of which tools we currently ship could 
be excluded under this new doctrine. Think of nmap, wireshark etc. Tools 
that have a perfect use for debugging but can also be used for not-so-good 

With this decision, it will become hard to justify why some tools are OK and 
others pose a legal risk.

I am not happy with this new policy.


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Some news in German about new legal guideline on pro-linux.de:

Fedora gibt sich Richtlinie für Sicherheitssoftware

Regards, vinz.
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