[In the news] Fedora 14: Who is Reviewing the Reviewers?

Rahul Sundaram metherid at gmail.com
Wed Nov 17 08:14:44 UTC 2010



"Distrowatch had a review of Fedora 14 as a feature of their weekly
edition. In it they had some background information, mentioned that the
Fedora Project has a new website, had a mini-interview with Fedora
Project Leader Jared Smith, and then proceeded to go through the actual
Fedora 14 release.

They didn't find Fedora to be perfect (it isn't nor is any Linux
distribution) nor did they find any major flaws. The reviewer mentioned
what he thought Fedoras strengths were as well as some of areas that
need additional attention. I thought it was a reasonable review and that
the reviewer had actually put a considerable amount of time and effort
into it... trying to be an information resource for the reader."


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