Breaking up schedule items: Feature Profiles

Paul W. Frields stickster at
Tue Nov 30 21:29:11 UTC 2010

The Marketing team schedule is part of the overall Fedora Project
schedule.  Line 13 on the Marketing schedule, "Feature profiles,"
could probably stand to be broken up.  Typically schedule items work
best when they are actionable items -- people know what they mean in
terms of activity, and just as importantly when they are finished.

Jared suggested in the meeting breaking up the line like this:

* Decide on number and topics of feature profiles
* Set feature profile schedule
* plan feature profile format (blogs / videos)
* Feature Profile 1 due
* Feature Profile 2 due
* Feature Profile 3 due

The only minor adjustment I'd make to this is bullet 2.  We actually
want to set a preliminary feature profile schedule now, and only
adjust later if necessary.  That way the schedule is as complete as we
can make it, as early as possible.  I'd simply call this "confirm"
instead of "set."

Feature profiles are probably most useful if the topics are set up in
coordination with Red Hat PR, so we can get extra boost from releasing
the news in a variety of venues including the Red Hat press blog.

Jared, can you compare the time available for Feature profiles (March
1st-29th) to any PR schedule that you're working out with Kara
Schiltz, and figure out how the tasks above would best mesh with that
PR schedule?

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