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Wed Oct 27 11:38:52 UTC 2010

On Wed, Oct 27, 2010 at 12:52:30AM -0400, Jonathan Nalley wrote:
> Pardon my severe ignorance on the history and role of these pages, but
> is there a formal or informal plan for someone in Marketing or some
> other wiki-Gardener type person to update the
> Template:FedoraVersionNumber page[1] on release day?
> Looking at the history of that page, it seems to always get done I was
> just curious if there was a plan to update such pages and if someone
> was already tasked with it ??
> ---
> [1]:

Great question Jonathan.  Previously I always did it at the time of GA
release.  Around the time when the F13 announcement was released, I
visited the appropriate wiki pages for editing:

Note that each needs to be edited to include up to Fedora (next+2),
that is, Fedora 16 in the case of Fedora 14 release.  I have no
problem doing it for this release.

This should probably be part of a release day SOP, either in Websites,
Infrastructure, or Marketing.  I would recommend contacting those
other teams to see if either thinks they have this particular ball.
If not, it's fair game for a Marketing release day SOP if the team's
interested in making one.

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