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Wed Oct 27 12:56:19 UTC 2010

In yesterday's meeting[1] I told Robyn I'd post to the list with a
status update for one-page release notes.  You can find the F14 one
page release notes (predictably!) ;-) here:

We've certainly made some progress in the last 24 hours, thanks to all
those that helped.  However, we could still use some additional work
on this page.  Here are some of the tasks that need to be done, and we
need your help (attention, lurkers!) to finish them!

* Information in the desktop section.

  Here's what Robyn and I wrote in yesterday's meeting minutes about
  what to add here:

  # IDEA: screenshot of a web browser, evolution client, and empathy
    (rbergeron, 20:23:21)

  # IDEA: Desktop: Central focus -- you can get instant access to all
    your favorite tools through the Web, email, and messaging --
    stable as a rock and full of features (stickster, 20:24:09)

  There may not be an enormous number of new productivity user feature
  in F14 but the Desktop remains completely solid in this release -- a
  place where people can really get done all the things they care

  So, the text there needs to be written, and a screenshot made.

* Screenshots for sysadmin and developer sections.

  Use your imagination for these.  For example, do we have a way to
  screenshot making a Fedora 14 instance on EC2?  (Even a Fedora 13
  instance would be OK, if the screenshot isn't so large as to be
  glaring about the difference.)  Another example for the developer
  section might be a window shot of the GDB 'heap' command.

* Get more photos into the layout.

  Robyn indicated a bunch of these had been picked out from recent
  FUDCons so we could share them with the community in the one page
  release notes.  This is one of the best features of the document

* If needed, produce a PDF.

  This might take some work from someone in Design, taking page
  elements and putting them in Scribus or something else to produce a
  beautiful front-and-back handout.

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