[in the news] Fedora 14 beta takes MeeGo for a spin

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Wed Sep 29 12:57:31 UTC 2010

The Register

Fedora 14 beta takes MeeGo for a spin
Fast without the Ubuntu fancy
By Scott Gilbertson


While Fedora 14 is unlikely to elicit the same sort of mainstream user 
enthusiasm you'll find surrounding Ubuntu and its continuing onslaught 
of newer, shinier features, this release is still notable for several 
worthy updates.

Two of the biggest changes in the Fedora 14 beta include the new 
libjpeg-turbo and Spice, a new tool for virtualization.


The other big news is Spice, the Simple Protocol for Independent 
Computing Environments. Spice is part of Red Hat's Qumranet acquisition 
<http://www.redhat.com/about/news/prarchive/2009/spice-os.html>, which 
also brought the now standard KVM virtualization to both RHEL and Fedora.

The goal of the Spice project is to improve remote access to QEMU 
virtual machines. For those running Windows clients in a virtual machine 
Spice includes a few Windows helpers right out of the box including a 
video driver, an agent for performing operations inside the guest system 
and virtio serial drivers for talking to the agent.

Although Spice has been available in the Yum repos since Fedora 12, the 
new tools make getting Spice up and running much easier and should be 
good news for those with multiple virtual machines to manage.

The cloud gets an update, too.

Fedora 14 will mark the first time that Fedora will concurrently release 
all its usual spins and a new Amazon EC2 image. That's great news for 
those using Amazon's cloud hosting to run Fedora machines.

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