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Aleksandra Bookwar admin at bookwar.info
Fri Apr 15 14:38:29 UTC 2011

My point is: every user of current Gnome 3 installs gnome-tweak-tool.
Instead of closing your eyes on this fact and saying things like "if
they want to brake their desktop, we don't care" as Gnome developers
do, we have to admit this fact. It is happening right now here in
Fedora 15.

Yes, this package has its problems, and i don't expect all of them to
be solved before release date. But there is still time to improve it
before release, and there are people who work on this improvement. All
they need is some respect and attention from "authorities" and a
little bit of help from Gnome developers.

And i am asking the leaders of Fedora community and people responsible
for release of F15 first of all to admit that customizing the
gnome-desktop is the real and important problem which needs some
solution. Not "the something these stupid users always cry about", the
real one, which affects the Fedora future.

Second, yes, we need some solutions. From my side the possible
solution is to provide as much info as i could for end-users. And I do
my best. But I am only ordinary user. And I am sure community could do
more. Let's work on it.

Like those guys who put the patch for relocating gnome-shell themes to
upstream. Small patch which allows theme packaging and installing
throw normal Add/Remove Software interface and which is not yet
accepted. I think these bugs need promotion.
And since I can't promote any such bugs by myself only, I am asking for help.

Best regards,
Aleksandra Bookwar

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