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Mon Apr 25 14:29:26 UTC 2011

On Mon, Apr 25, 2011 at 09:44:21PM +0800, Haowei.Lee wrote:
> Hi all,
>    I am Haowei.Lee,Chinese ambassador and chief administrator of Fedora
> Chinese community. Now I am responsible for our Fedora Chinese
> site( I am paying effort to promote our Fedora
> Chinese User Group and our site for promotion of Fedora in our China.
> These days, as I have seen there are more and more Chinese people
> keeping focusing on the launching of Fedora 15, I also found that there
> are so many people who focusing on Fedora also keep active on Chinese
> twitter of That is why I went to register an account for our
> Fedora Chinese.
>    Local Chinese twitter on has gathered more than millions of
> Chinese people from different kinds of fields. It is the most famous
> Chinese local twitter site. Everyone here could go to see that site with
> typing
>   Now, the problem I met is that I need to show one document or a
> introduction letter to verification Dept.of Sina twitter that our Fedora
> Chinese User Group and our site is under the lead of official Fedora
> project(say in another way is that we are a official group of Chinese
> support maintain). By this, we can pass their verification and get the
> symbol "V" on our Sina twitter account which means that this Sina
> twitter account had been confirmed by Sina official and it is true.
> Additionally, the Sina twitter account with symbol "V" will attract more
> fans to come and focus their news.
>   I am looking forward that if anyone here could help me to provide such
> document to help us pass the verification of Sina twitter. Thank you
> very much for helping our Fedora promotion work.
>   Please reply or contact me ( ASAP if you can
> help.Thanks all of you again.
> Address of our Sina twitter:

No need to cc: me on email here, Haowei, since I don't make unilateral
decisions on Marketing. :-) But thank you for posting, and to answer
your question...

I believe there's a potential trademark issue here, assuming you would
want to use the Fedora name and trademarks to identify the site.  I
believe that's the origin of the Sina request.  They want to ensure
that the use of the Fedora name is officially sanctioned by the Fedora
Project itself.  These trademark matters are handled by our Fedora
Legal team.  From what I can see the minimum requirements would be:

(1) Check that this effort has been discussed and agreed by Chinese
    Ambassadors.  There's no reason to doubt this has happened, but a
    reference would be helpful.

(2) A trademark license agreement, as held by other domain owners that
    use the trademarks similarly.  Jared, is this email sufficient to
    start those wheels rolling?  Or should this be forwarded to
    the legal list or advisory-board?

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