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于 2011年04月25日 22:29, Paul W. Frields 写道:
> No need to cc: me on email here, Haowei, since I don't make unilateral
> decisions on Marketing. :-) But thank you for posting, and to answer
> your question...
> I believe there's a potential trademark issue here, assuming you would
> want to use the Fedora name and trademarks to identify the site.  I
> believe that's the origin of the Sina request.  They want to ensure
> that the use of the Fedora name is officially sanctioned by the Fedora
> Project itself.  These trademark matters are handled by our Fedora
> Legal team.  From what I can see the minimum requirements would be:
> (1) Check that this effort has been discussed and agreed by Chinese
>     Ambassadors.  There's no reason to doubt this has happened, but a
>     reference would be helpful.
> (2) A trademark license agreement, as held by other domain owners that
>     use the trademarks similarly.  Jared, is this email sufficient to
>     start those wheels rolling?  Or should this be forwarded to
>     the legal list or advisory-board?

Hi Paul,

To answer your requirements. I am not sure how about (2). But beofre I
did this on Sina twitter, I have ever discussed it in our Fedora-zh
channel although there were only few people. After I opened the Sina
twitter, I did send an email to our Fedora Chinese mail list to ensure
every will support it. Now, I could see that people in our maillist and
our FZUG members, they did support my promotion work as this way.

Additionally, I have seen that people on Sina twitter who focused on
Fedora also come to follow us and support us although the fans of our
Sina twitter is somehow just a little at this time.

As Paul has raised questions here, any advice or suggestion for me how
to do next? Thanks a lot.

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