[In the news] Living with Fedora – A Debian/Ubuntu User’s Take on Fedora 15

Rahul Sundaram metherid at gmail.com
Tue Aug 23 02:50:44 UTC 2011



"If I was to sum up my opinion on Fedora 15 in one sentence, it’d have
to be “Rough, but with great potential“. Gnome 3 is still a baby, and
Fedora took a bold step by pushing it to the forefront, and I applaud
them for that. As cozy as it may be, there’s still a whole lot of polish
left to be done. The front-end is still rough, and the back-end doesn’t
seem to have yet caught up with all the changes. If Fedora can manage to
take the successes in this release (which are many) and smooth out some
of those rough spots (which are also many), then Fedora 16 is likely to
pull a lot of users away from Ubuntu permanently. From the looks of it,
I’ll be one of them."


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