Rahul Sundaram metherid at
Mon Feb 14 13:04:57 UTC 2011

On 02/11/2011 07:16 PM, Harpreet Singh wrote:
> Hi, my name is *Harpreet Singh* and I live in Punjab, india. My Fedora
> Account System (FAS) username is Moujia, and  I am new to IRC and
> would like help getting started.
> I learned about the Fedora Marketing team through Fedora project, and
> am interested in joining because Linux user and lover.
> This is the first FOSS project I have worked on!
Welcome to Fedora Marketing.  We do a number of things and you can just
jump in and get started on any of them.  Ask for help when needed.  Here
are some ideas to get started:

*  Watch for media articles on Fedora and post them here.  Tag them as
[In the news]
*  Help write announcements and talking points
*  Do interviews with developers on the upcoming features in Fedora 15
*  Prepare a marketing presentation for Fedora 15


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