Social networking is dead.

Paul W. Frields stickster at
Tue Mar 1 21:22:59 UTC 2011

OK, not really, but I got your attention.

But our social networking feeds are kinda dead.  More specifically,
our @fedora output.  They're silent, like a ninja
only without nunchucks or throwing stars.

In large part this is thanks to HootSuite's closing up their entire
value prop to paid customers only, leaving free accounts like ours
dangling in the wind.  What's that?  Putting some of our eggs in a
non-free basket didn't work out?  Well, it's a risk we took with eyes
open, at least.  It was the least ineffective of a lot of suboptimal
alternatives, and at least for a while it was working well.

The sad fallout is that our feeds are quiet, and we
should endeavor to fix that.

I did have an idea about this, but it won't help us in the short term:
to manage access to our feed through Insight via a
well-supported Drupal module.  There are a couple to choose from, and
the great thing is all the group access would happen automagically
thanks to our existing FAS integration.

But... that doesn't help us *right now*.

AFAICT, there are no free services that facilitate team sharing of duties.  There are several aggregators out there,
and several multiplexers, but none for collaboration.  Rather than
wait for one to emerge, we should get the access into the right
people's hands now, and look for a better solution immediately after
that (up to and including the idea above).

The fastest way to fix the problem, I believe, is to simply send out
the password to the account, via GPG-encrypted email, to
each of the people listed in our FAS group.  Is that acceptable?

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