[In the news] Linux shakedown: Testing both GNOME 3 and Fedora 15

Rahul Sundaram metherid at gmail.com
Mon Mar 21 07:59:34 UTC 2011


A very positive article about both GNOME 3.0 and Fedora 15


"*Fedora 15*

Because this release was so focused on GNOME 3, it was hard to even
really notice Fedora 15 in the background. That says a lot about where
Fedora is heading. The OS, underlying the desktop, was about as solid an
alpha release as I have ever laid fingers on. And running from the live
CD was incredible--if someone were to sit at this computer (the very PC
I am writing this article on) and begin using the desktop, they would
never know they were using a Live CD.

*Give it a go*
I realize that many of you look down on Fedora for one reason or
another. But this testing release should not go unnoticed by the IT
public. The GNOME 3 testing release of Fedora 15 is crucial to the
growth of both Fedora and GNOME. This release will go a very long way in
the testing of what will soon become the default desktop for many Linux
distributions (for a very long time). So please, do your fellow Linux
community members a favor...test this release and submit bug reports.
Your help will be much appreciated and long remembered."


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