[In the news] Fedora 15 Boosts Linux Security

Rahul Sundaram metherid at gmail.com
Fri May 20 20:31:39 UTC 2011



"We have better support for encrypted home directories that get mounted
when you log in and that goes a long way to help people feel that their
data is secure," Jared Smith, Fedora Project Leader told InternetNews.com.

In addition to encryption, Fedora 15 debut the new dynamic firewall
technology that Smith noted was one of his favorite features in the new
Linux release.

"Most Linux systems use IP tables type firewalls and the problem is that
if you want to make a change to the firewall, it's hard to modify on the
fly without reloading the entire firewall," Smith said. "Fedora 15 is
really the first mainstream operating system to have a dynamic firewall
where you can add or change rules and keep the firewall up and
responding while you're making changing."


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