Marketing meeting: Tomorrow! 2011-10-18

Robyn Bergeron robyn.bergeron at
Tue Oct 18 00:20:34 UTC 2011

I know it's a long time in coming, folks. I'm delighted to announce the
return of ... weekly Fedora Marketing Meetings!

Where:, in #fedora-meeting-1
When: Tuesday, Oct. 18, at 20:00 UTC (4pm US Eastern, 1pm US Pacific)
Who: You! Anyone can come - just be prepared to want to Get Things Done! :)

Agenda for tomorrow:
* A quick refresher course on what the Fedora Marketing Team does over the
course of a release
* Schedule check-in: We're approaching GA, which means we have
announcements, feature profile opportunities, and much more!
* Brainstorming: What can we do to get this group going again? Are there new
projects people are interested in?
* Your agenda item here: Feel free to pitch an agenda item!

See you tomorrow! And welcome back! :) Questions welcomed beforehand or
in-meeting, as always.

Stay beefy,
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