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> A group of interested people gathered today to discuss breathing some new
> life into Fedora Weekly News (minutes below). What we concluded was that
> we'd actually like to breathe some life into Insight and for FWN to become
> an arm of that. To expound, here's the proposal:
> - suehle, jbrooks, and iambryan have volunteered as editors
> - We'd like to expand Insight to be more blog, web-magazine-style with:
>     - Short, informative content like you might think of FWN for
>     - Longer form stories, interviews, and articles
>     - The technical content that Fedora used to create to some extent for
> Red Hat Magazine (which is in high demand but no longer exists)
>     - Cultivated content from Planet
>     - The content that Insight was already meant for, like Board meeting
> minutes or announcements
> - Fedora Weekly News would then become the weekly email newsletter of
> highlights from what had been published on Insight that week.
> - We'd like to see at least two writers/cultivators-of-content per beat
> What we're looking for now is for someone to shout, "good idea!", "bad
> idea!", or "I was already halfway through with something like that!" before
> we continue down the path. "I'd like to help with a beat!" is also a good
> answer. :-)
> Thanks!
> Ruth


   FWN is one of the core stream to send the news to the Fedora Community,
   technical magazines, and other respected communities of the world.

   Since, I have been contributing at FWN, I have noticed the following
   which might help in future:

    1. Very keen interest to update the beat.
      2. Very few response.
      3. Sometimes, hard to select the news from the mailing stream.

   The editing of the news is not the very challenging task but updating
   the beat. Last time, the FWN was offered to automated the beat with a
   script, but to manual procedure was chosen to make the contributors very
   highly interest into the FWN. All these steps are now failed and it is
   notwithstanding useless to release the FWN with only not more than three or
   four contributors and with the two or three beats.

   The FWN release hence been not published regularly since last couple

   There is no offensive about all these, because FWN is part of marketing,
   logistics, and the board. Very few contributors are interested to step
   inside the vast news stream inside fedora and to me very few are actually
   aware about it except those who really into it.

   Every idea has certain consequences unless you ever try. Here is my
   recommendation rather ideas:

    1. To make the beat automated and let the editors collect their news.
      (It will be a giant beat in this case)
      2. The readers love the following:
         1. Make things faster, lighter, much effective, pictorial, one
         word or one sentence understanding with the whole news, more
         but less words, and only those information that they want to
use or read.
         (here we must analyze who we send the news, and what they
actually want)
         2. The FWN has to be send into the following format:
            1. Make Tile
            2. Contributors Name(Fedora Format)
            3. Date and time of the news
            4. Abstract (It is hard for those who have no idea about making
            genius news)
            5. The original link of the news and sources
          1. Make things non-technical for readers- there are lot who
         ignores reading technical news. We have our original link for
those who
         loves technical details.
       1. Make three types of news within one email:
         1. One page gorgeous and colorful information Headlines(Link
         connected to the beat) and their abstract.
         2. The regular beat for highly technical people until 3-a is on
         the people's plate.
         3. Make things readable from iPad, cell phone, and related.
       1.  To appreciate the contributors, make some gorgeous title for
      those beat writers, editors, and contributors inside FWN alike "FWN
      Monkey", "Junior FWN", "Fedora Junior", "FWN Journo", "Fedora
      or whatever the community loves.
      2. The organogram of FWN-
         1. The logistics board or the editors(who only review the content)
         before the news leads into public.
         2. The editors(who is responsible to publish the news) to make the
         news non-technical with all the information.
         3. The beat writers (I always believe is manual for those who
         really wants to works, but love automated when things go wrong.)
         4. Contributing writer for thread and original link.

   No wonder, the FWN must be ready to adopt the technical stream of news.
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