The heroes of Fedora 18 Alpha/Beta testing

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Subject: The heroes of Fedora 18 Alpha/Beta testing
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>Hi folks,

>Kamil at the QA team has posted congratulating folks that spent their
>time helping test the coming Fedora 18 release[1]. I've already posted
>this over identica[2], twitter[3], g+[4], facebook (the fedora community
>and fedora users groups). I think we should help get such posts more
>visibility: they give credit to community folks and would encourage more
>people to get involved in the project. 

>What do you folks think?
Warm regards,
Ankur: "FranciscoD"

Hello Ankur,

This credit giving idea is a good one and will encourage people to contribute to this project . In fact everyone should share all these kind of posts on their social networking sites in order to make Fedora's presence felt. I have one question that why is Fedora not having a fan page on facebook?certainly that will help increasing Fedora planet's reach over closed Fedora community and users groups because the "only" page[1] which exists does not posts anything. It will increase the Fedora's reach for sure.But to my surprise Ubuntu has more than dozens of pages which are quite active. Hoping to see the same in Fedora community. 


thank you,
keshav :"keshavmishra"

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