Talking points & Features

Jaroslav Reznik jreznik at
Fri Dec 7 14:35:31 UTC 2012

As there's a huge discussion regarding what Features should be and
how Features influences marketing - let's take a look back on the
what we can do there.

Initial idea of Features as far as I understand was to help 
marketing, now it's definitely more internal tracking tool for the
development and probably should not be used by tech journalist etc.
as it's frequently updated, could be out of sync with what's really
in release some times and of course, Feature pages usually provide
too much technical details to be used as a base for a good article.
Also I'd like to avoid limiting number of Features for development
because of marketing.

Well, we have Talking Points, we have Beats, also Announcement 
picks up most important features in a less technical way. Could we
do more from PR? To offer tech journalists something more pre-
prepared - to avoid a lot of confusion, FUDs etc.? It's also very
close to Announcements itself.

We should definitely fill-in F18 Talking Points [1] based on release
announcements - not sure it makes sense to fill it in before Alpha/
Beta but for final, yep. It should also serve as a good source
for Final announcement. Who's usually responsible for Talking points

Btw. reminder - Final announcement should be based on schedule
written during the Christmas holidays - I'd say the right time should
be before - so I'd like to ask marketing to start working on the



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