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Tue Dec 11 18:40:20 UTC 2012

Hello all,

My name is Jonathan Seeley.  I live in Cincinnati, OH, USA where I work as
a management consultant specializing in public sector finance.  My FAS
username is jseeley and my IRC nick is jseeley as well.

I’m probably a bit different than most Fedora contributors in that (1) I
have no experience and little interest in programming, coding or software
development, and (2) I have no background in IT, computer science or any
type of technology at all.  However, I enjoy using Fedora on my home
computer and I am a proponent of free and open source software in general.

I decided to become a contributor because I want to help promote and
facilitate the use of Fedora at home and in the workplace.  I’m interested
in joining the Marketing Team because I believe I can provide input and
guidance on what corporations are looking for in an operating system and
how to effectively communicate the features of Fedora and the advantages it
has over its competitors.

This is definitely the first FOSS project I’ve worked on.  I’ve been
involved with several marketing projects in the past, most dealing with
RFP/Q responses, general business development initiatives, and the direct
marketing of products and services to potential clients.

The technical skills I hope to utilize in Fedora Marketing are:

* Quantitative modeling and forecasting of usage/activity

* Cost-benefit analyses and economic impact studies

* Benchmarking and statistical analyses

* Development and application of effective marketing practices and

In addition to my day job, I am enrolled in the MBA program at the
University of Cincinnati.  My interests include golf, skiing, piano, travel
and aviation.  I’m a fan of most sports, but particularly American football
and basketball (I’m attempting to follow cricket, but it’s difficult find
coverage where I live).

I plan on sitting in on a few IRC meetings and volunteering my help
wherever needed, but if you’d like me to help out with a specific project,
please just let me know and I’ll be happy to contribute whatever I can!

Looking forward to working with you all,

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