[Fedora Magazine] Wordpress success!

Jason Brooks jasonbrooks at fedoraproject.org
Wed Dec 12 20:04:20 UTC 2012

> [1] I was running into an issue where I was trying to update the keys
> and salt for the WordPress install to secure it using the OpenShift
> repo. When I git pushed the changes, it reverted all the app updates I
> had made such as installing OpenID and upgrading to WP 3.5. Talking to
> the OpenShift guys, I found out this was because the changes the app
> made to the WordPress install aren't automatically committed to the git
> repo. So what you have to do to make changes to WordPress on the
> filesystem is run the rhc-snapshot command to grab all of the app data,
> and copy the 'php-5.3/repo/php' directory over top the 'php' directory
> in the git repo and then do a git add *, git commit, and git push. So
> the general workflow for updating should be:
> - Make any updates / plugin or theme installations as needed directly in
> the Wordpress admin UI.
> - Use the 'rhc-snapshot' command to pull down the changes, and commit
> them to the OpenShift git repo to make sure they are tracked.

When I update my wordpress on openshift, I don't use the web admin
interface, I make the changes to my local git repo and push from
there. I think it ends up being a simpler workflow. Also, I believe
the rhc commands are only accessible through one openshift account,
but you can add multiple ssh keys to openshift to allow different
people to interact w/ it through git.

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