The Register: New Fedora Boss Pushes for the Clouds

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Wed Feb 8 13:59:09 UTC 2012

New Fedora boss pushes for the clouds

Robyn Bergeron takes the reins

By Iain Thomson in San Francisco 

Posted in Operating Systems, 7th February 2012 23:24 GMT

Red Hat has appointed former Fedora program manager Robyn Bergeron to that distro's next project leader – and she has plans to make the operating system more focused on cloud services.

Bergeron takes over from Jared Smith at an interesting time in the market, with the industry increasingly looking beyond the basic client/server environment into cloudier areas, and with a greater variety of computing systems to choose from. One of the areas she’ll be examining is the usefulness of Fedora for cloud services, she explained to The Register on Tuesday.

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