Muktware: Red Hat Clarifies Doubt Over UEFI Secure Boot Solution

Jan Wildeboer jwildebo at
Wed Jun 6 11:50:45 UTC 2012

On 06.06.2012 13:41, Álvaro Castillo wrote:

> Yes, as others, but, If RedHat, take a position that Fedora will be
> add these signs for F18, will leave the project partners, like me,
> like Kevin Kofler and others.

As project partners none of this should come as a surprise. Matt Garrett 
openly discussed this problem for months. Red Hat used all of its media 
outlets to make this topic known and promote solutions that actually work.

If you now come back and say "Hey, I didn't know, I don't like. I leave" 
instead of helping to find a better solution, then so be it. But IMHO it 
is the wrong way.

As I said from the start - this is NOT a good solution. We ALL know 
that. And many people have discussed, asked, tried, failed, tried again 
to find better solutions. All in the open. Fully transparent. That 
should deserve some credit.


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