The Future of release names - first meeting on Friday 15th

Jaroslav Reznik jreznik at
Mon Jun 11 14:20:41 UTC 2012

to move forward with %SUBJ% we scheduled a first meeting. The agenda for this
first meeting should be more the introduction to the problem, to check
the real demand for change and to find out what are our expectations from the
potential change etc. Btw. I'd like to avoid the flame only meeting :)   

When and where (based on Doodle poll)?
Friday, June 15th 5 PM UTC (1 PM EDT, 7 PM CEST) #fedora-meeting-1 channel
(see [1] for schedule).

If you are interested in the future of release names, you enjoy the naming
fun release after release, please, join us! It's not about someone decides
and takes the power but everyone is welcomed.



----- Original Message -----
> Well,
> the first week in Doodle was too fast for many people but looking
> on Doodle results - Friday 15th 5 PM UTC (1 PM EDT, 7 PM CEST) should
> work for all interested people and gives us some time to propagate/
> announce it.
> Is it still ok for you?
> Jaroslav

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