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Wed Mar 28 17:13:12 UTC 2012

Thanks Robyn!  All, I'm stevenbshaffer on irc.


On Wed, Mar 28, 2012 at 9:26 AM, Robyn Bergeron
<robyn.bergeron at> wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 28, 2012 at 8:39 AM, Steven Shaffer
> <stevenbshaffer at> wrote:
>> Hi, my name is Steven Shaffer and I live in Gilbert, Arizona, U.S.A.
>> My Fedora Account System (FAS) username is stevenbshaffer, and my IRC
>> nick is N/A (Yet!)
> Mr. Shaffer, WELCOME :D
> Maybe we should meet up at gangplank one day soon and I can show you
> some of the more fun IRC bits.
> In the meantime, here's a web client that you can click to use (not as
> easy as having something on your desktop):
> And more general information about IRC here:
> -Robyn
>> I learned about the Fedora Marketing team through Robyn "first female
>> leader" Bergeron, and am interested in joining because I am a geek
>> with Marketing talent who loves open-source.
>> This is the first FOSS project I have worked on though I'm quite
>> familiar with many OSS projects. Some of the projects I've worked on,
>> or communities I've been involved with, include ...(None yet, this is
>> the first.)
>> I've worked in Marketing in the past, I have roughly 10 yrs
>> experience. Some of the projects I've worked on, or roles I've had,
>> include: Marketing Manager, Marketing Communications Manager, Product
>> Manager, Marketing Consultant, Director of Marketing, Product
>> Marketing consultant, Market Research Analyst, Copywriter, Social
>> Media Manager, blah, blah, for companies ranging from Fortune 500 to
>> startup
>> My skills, which I hope to utilize in Fedora Marketing, include all the above
>> I'd also like to learn why marketing for open source projects other
>> than Wordpress stinks so bad in general.
>> When I'm not working on Fedora, I am (currently) a marketing
>> consultant for small businesses and studying database programming and
>> web development at Mesa Community College in Mesa, AZ.
>> A couple of goals I have for the Fedora Project create a
>> couple of goals for the Fedora Project. I would also like to see
>> something awesome (any ideas?) happen in Fedora.
>> I am wondering about how I can... help Fedora's Marketing rock!
>> Sorry this is such a lifeless intro. Truly I'm usually much more dynamic!
>> Steve
>> 480-399-2574
>> @stevenbshaffer
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