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I'm a returning gnu/linux user.  In the past, I was a huge fan of debian.  Fedora caused a change of heart.  My previous experiences with fedora was FC4, and an old redhat that was kernel 2.2.14 I think.

I'm considering also joining the docs group to write some guides for users making the first switch from windows.  I'm pretty patient with new users, and I really enjoy bringing them to the world of enjoyable computing.  I seen somewhere on the wiki that a person brought up finding new and better ways of exposing first-time linux users to fedora.  That is what I'm interested most in doing.  I would also help with keeping the marketing wiki more current.  

The wiki asked about opinions about a mad-libs email template.  I hate it like captain hook hates peter pan.  It looks like there is more editing to do than writing an original email.  I would however very much like the idea of a webform that has radio's, checkboxes, and textareas to fill in.  Come to think of it, that might actually be a great idea.  I would be perfectly willing to code that.

Anyway, thought I would say hi to everybody.  With the problems the poor anaconda folks are running into, now may not be the time for proper introductions or new members.  Just let me know sometime if I'm a good fit.

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