"Red Hat Releases Fedora 18 Beta"

Jaroslav Reznik jreznik at redhat.com
Wed Nov 28 15:03:56 UTC 2012

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> > 
> > "The post you point to is nearly a week old, not a release
> > announcement for the beta. Perhaps there is a better choice for a
> > community-generated release announcement (though I didn't see one
> > in a quick look), but what you point to is not it, I'm afraid. We
> > generally prefer those kinds of announcements over press releases
> > (with proper or improper subjects), fwiw."
> > jake one of LWN editors.
> > 
> > In short if we would have made an announcement they would have
> > published it over the press releases ( which says even more about
> > the quality of the news site ) so why was our FPL first and
> > foremost not focusing on getting our own announcement out the door
> > instead of theirs?
> > 
> > Who is ultimately responsible for ensuring release announcements go
> > out the door?
> For Alpha and Beta, as long as i can remember, release engineering
> has done the announcement. For final, the FPL does the announcement.
> That said, this may be some sort of "historical knowledge of how it
> happens" thing and not actually an SOP- in looking through releng's
> sop's i didnt see anything there, and the marketing sop is not
> completed.
> But at the end of the day - yeah, that's me in the ultimately
> responsible spot. I ddin't notice the lack thereof, nobody yelled, i
> screwed up. It happens. It's not a case of me "prioritizing" one
> over the other, though.

Well, it's also my fault - not rechecking the true state of things :(
As currently it's the part of Readiness meeting, checking the logs -
"Beta announce will be firmed up for Tuesday (reported by rbergeron)
(jreznik, 19:38:53)". So, what's the state of Marketing sop right now?

Also what we need is to educate the news, bloggers etc. as it's 
quite common Fedora is referred as Red Hat product and for people
not directly involved in Fedora Project it could look like that
and it's harder to understand the relationship. Do we have any
guide (on Wiki) we could point people to? In case we saw this and
to try to fix it?

It still means we need it out asap - anybody from Marketing around?
We have https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/F18_Alpha_release_announcement
but not for Beta :(

Second action item is to explain "in marketing way" the delays 
behind F18 release (where the slip announcements are not very
useful) to community. Ambassadors already asked for that... I'm
willing to help with it (or both).

> > 
> > Will we be seeing the same thing happening again with final?
> I sure as heck hope that we do have a bit of lessons-learned
> mentality around here.
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> > JBG
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> > 1.
> > http://www.tomshardware.com/news/Red-Hat-Fedora-Beta-Spherical-Cow-Linux,19345.html
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