"Red Hat Releases Fedora 18 Beta"

Anna Eusebio aeusebio at redhat.com
Wed Nov 28 15:06:44 UTC 2012

Hey everyone, 

I have been following the marketing thread since yesterday, and I apologize again for sending our reporters a subject line that was misinterpreted. I was excited to make sure the Beta release received a lot of good coverage, and I will definitely make sure the same thing doesn't happen again, especially with the upcoming GA. 

Anna Eusebio 

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On 11/27/2012 11:26 PM, Robyn Bergeron wrote: 
> Here is the deal: 
> Red Hat PR folks have always helped with spreading the word, whether for 
> Alpha/Beta/Final or otherwise. In this particular case, an article 
> *similar* to a press release was posted regarding the Beta to the Red 
> Hat news blog 

Here's my proposal: it would be awesome if the Red Hat PR people will 
add to the check-list of things to do at a release one more bullet: 

"* Make sure the announcement is not mistaken AGAIN" 

Is F17 release all over again: 
we seem to never learn and repeat the mistake at each release, perhaps 
that's why Jóhann was so annoyed. 

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