Self-Introduction: Sugar (Fran Sanchez)

Jiri Eischmann eischmann at
Wed Nov 28 16:21:40 UTC 2012

Francisco Manuel Sánchez píše v Út 27. 11. 2012 v 19:59 +0100:
> Hi, my name is Fran and I live in Barcelona, Spain. My Fedora Account
> System (FAS) username is sugar, and I am new to IRC and would like
> help getting started!
> I learned about the Fedora Marketing team through the Fedora wiki, and
> am interested in joining because I am studying marketing and business
> administration and I think I will be able to help you in a near
> future.  
> This is the first FOSS project I have worked on and I have to
> recognize that I have not worked in Marketing either. But I have
> managed my own business and I have some experience dealing with some
> of the typical issues of marketing (I am an architect) 
> My skills, which I hope to utilize in Fedora Marketing, include: 
>       * Creativity (in fact, creativity is needed in my daily work) 
>       * People skills. 
>       * Work capacity and commitment 
> When I'm not working on Fedora, I am working as an architect and
> studying business administration at the University.
> I would like to spread the knowledge of the Fedora Project in the area
> where I live and to learn to work in an environment of teamwork as
> well. 
> Please help me get started! 
> Thanks in advance.
> Fran
> PS I know I have to improve my English too, but that's something I'm
> working on now. 

Hi Francisco,
welcome to the team! I'm happy to see someone who is enthusiastic about
marketing because Fedora Project attracts mostly people that are
interested in technical aspects of Fedora and not in marketing and
promotion which are also important.
There is a large field for creativity. 

If you'd like to get some hits what to focus on:
* I've been calling for better coordination of our presence in social
media. I'm currently running Fedora Project's page at Google+, which
works fine, but we don't really have any official account at Facebook
for example.
* I'd love to see more leaflets with information about Fedora. We've
made leaflets about free graphic tools (GIMP, Inkscape,...) that you can
find it Fedora, but I'd like to see more. For example leaflets about
Ruby, Java, Python,... in Fedora with information why Fedora is a great
platform for developing in a particular language. We could take such
materials to conferences such as EuroPython, RuPy to promote Fedora
among developers. This task would require coordination between our
language team (to provide info what advantages and tools Fedora
provides) and our design team to put the info together and create

Marketing activity and coordination in EMEA would be great, too. When
you get oriented in Fedora Project and want to execute your ideas, I'll
be more than happy to help you.


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