"Red Hat Releases Fedora 18 Beta"

inode0 inode0 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 28 18:28:04 UTC 2012

On Wed, Nov 28, 2012 at 12:08 PM, "J├│hann B. Gu├░mundsson"
<johannbg at gmail.com> wrote:
> Any reason why our own marketing community cant start creating and
> maintaining our own extensive database of contacts so on and so forth and we
> simply stop dealing with/through Red Hat PR or any other third party or
> sponsor?

One guess: no one so far thinks it is worth their time to duplicate
the work already being done by a sponsor who is willing to let us
leverage the work they do continuously.

I'd love to see a more independent and more aggressive marketing
community in Fedora but that requires folks with time, interest, and
skills. While we get many fine people coming through marketing I think
the amount of work just to get the more mundane products out the door
each release is probably about all they have been able to handle

One way to confront shortages in contributors is to send our cool
Fedora contributors out to where they congregate. So I wonder if there
are some marketing events that might provide us an opportunity to do
just that? I suspect most marketing events are very business oriented
but perhaps there are some with more of a community slant out there.


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