Marketing team meeting agenda for Thursday, Nov, 29th @ 3 pm EST (8 pm UTC)

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Thu Nov 29 08:48:12 UTC 2012

Marketing team meeting
When: Thursday, Nov. 29 @ 3pm EST (8pm UTC)
Where: #fedora-meeting channel

Please don't hesitate to participate in this meeting - marketing experience
is not required!

There's been lots of questions and ideas proposed in various email threads
recently so I gathered them into one email so they weren't lost and we
could discuss them further during the weekly marketing meeting. The name(s)
following the ideas and questions refer to the person who proposed it.

1. Discuss "I am number 18" campaign -Bogomil

2. Better coordination of our presence in social media. I'm currently
running Fedora Project's page at Google+, which works fine, but we don't
really have any official account at Facebook for example. -eischmann

3. More leaflets with information about Fedora. We've made leaflets about
free graphic tools (GIMP, Inkscape,...) that you can find it Fedora, but
I'd like to see more. For example leaflets about Ruby, Java, Python,... in
Fedora with information why Fedora is a great platform for developing in a
particular language. We could take such materials to conferences such as
EuroPython, RuPy to promote Fedora among developers. This task would
require coordination between our language team (to provide info what
advantages and tools Fedora provides) and our design team to put the info
together and create leaflets. -eischmann

4. Document tips and things to remember as far as working with the Fedora
community for the Red Hat PR folks. Things like where you can always find
Fedora's mission statement, the schedule, etc., as well as "please don't do
this" type of stuff. -rbergeron

5. What is Fedora's role to different audiences beyond developing and
testing new technology for Red Hat products. - inode0

6. Who is ultimately responsible for ensuring release announcements go out
the door? -Johann

7. Create or complete alpha and beta announcement SOP. -rbergeron

8. Review and update/complete marketing SOP. -rbergeron and jreznik

9. Guide/wiki page for news sources, bloggers, etc. to educate people
regarding Fedora and Red Hat's relationship. - jreznik

10. Explain "in marketing way" the delays behind F18 release (where the
slip announcements are not very useful) to community - jreznik

11. What are the places, internally and externally, we send Beta
announcement? - jreznik

12. Create and maintain our own extensive database of contacts. -johann

13. One way to confront shortages in contributors is to send our cool
Fedora contributors out to where they congregate. So I wonder if there are
some marketing events that might provide us an opportunity to do just that?
- inode

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