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Hello everyone, my name is Keshav Kumar and I am currently living in Chennai,India  persuing B Tech degree at SRM chennai. My Fedora Account System(FAS)is keshavmishra and my IRC nickname is also keshavmishra.

I have been  a user of Fedora OS for about an year and being an open source enthusiast i keep trying different distros and now i am stuck to this project of red hat fedora.While going through this fedora wiki on how we can contribute to fedora community , i got to know about this fedora marketing team.
My work experience with Free/Libre Open Source Software is limited to using it and promoting it among friends and my college and community and debugging their problems(if any).If selected,this will be my first marketing project that I will be working on. 

Hi, my name is Keshav Mishra and I live in Chennai,India. My Fedora Account System (FAS) username is kesahvmishra, and my IRC nick is keshavmishra

I learned about the Fedora Marketing team through the wikis on the fedora wibsite, and am interested in joining because neing a linux enthusiast, I like to convince my college mates and my local community to take advantage of free open source software..

This is the first FOSS project I have worked on!

This is the first Marketing project I have worked on! 

My skills, which I hope to utilize in Fedora Marketing, include:

(Marketing Skills) - I consider myself as good orator and  I am kind of a guy who can convince people.
(Other Skills) :
*blogger: I am a blogger whose are of interest is seo(traffic optimisation),open source tutorials @
* event management: I have been involved in arranging conferences in my department at my college related to quiz, gaming coding etc.
I'd also like to learn how to promote open source at a large scale and use social sites to combine the power of F/L OSS enthusiasts .
When I'm not working on Fedora, I am a student at srm college. 

A couple of goals I have for the Fedora Project are  increasing the fedora volunteers among my community and motivate people to promote free software and encourage open source technologies. I would also like to see a area wise physical community happen in Fedora.

I am wondering about how to start for working the marketing team.. 

Please help me get started!
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