I'm Marcel and I want to help :)

Marcel Ribeiro Dantas ribeirodantasdm at gmail.com
Fri Aug 9 17:42:12 UTC 2013

Hello fellow fedoras,

My name is Marcel and I live in Natal, Brazil. In Fedora Project I have
been helping in the following teams/programs:

Ambassador, Translation and Freemedia.

I always had this curiosity about what people from the marketing team did
in the project, but then I found out that some tasks were already part of
my contributions to the project. So I decided it's time to officially
introduce myself in here and help you guys "officially" :)

I love to write and I have published some material that really pleased
Fedoras[1]. I'd like to do so more often soon. By the way, I just read
about FedoraMagazine in the other thread and I'd really like to write to
it. At first, it could be something like a report about how things have
been going on in LATAM and then some technical tips as you guys seem to
wish, according to what I have read there.

While I'm not contributing to Fedora I'm a Biomedical Engineering
Researcher at LAIS (Laboratory for Technological Innovation in Healthcaree)
inside a university hospital and a Computer Engineering student. I've been
a Free Software Advocate for almost a decade now, with tons of talks in
events and so on. You can read more about me in my personal website[2].

Mribeirodantas is both my FAS account and my IRC nickname, but lots of more
things you can find out in my userpage in Fedora Project Wiki[3].

1 - http://mribeirodantas.github.io/WhyFPCADoesNoHarm.html
2 - http://mribeirodantas.github.io/
3 - https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Mribeirodantas

Best regards,

Marcel Ribeiro Dantas,
Biomedical Engineering Researcher at LAIS
Laboratory for Technological Innovation in Healthcare (LAIS-HUOL)

mribeirodantas at fedoraproject.org
mribeirodantas at lais.huol.ufrn.br

GNU/Linux User nro. #440985
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