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Chris Roberts croberts at cintrixhosting.com
Wed Aug 21 15:13:07 UTC 2013

The calendar looks really good :)

>>> Joe Brockmeier <jzb at zonker.net> 08/21/13 9:01 AM >>>
Hi Zacharias, 

On Tue, Aug 20, 2013, at 05:38 PM, Zacharias Mitzelos wrote:
> I have been trying since our meeting to find an event calendar for the 
> magazine so events (and meetings maybe?) to be shown on the magazine as 
> well, and help visitors find a Fedora Event easily.

Awesome. Thanks so much for taking this on. 

> Before I ended up with this one, I saw and tried many more, but most of 
> them are either not supported with version 3.6 we are using, or they 
> have bad feedbacks, or they don't seem nice on the magazine (no colors
> etc.)

Have you looked at the Events Manager plugin? 


That might also be worth exploring if you haven't tried it out yet -
seems to be supported with 3.6, and generally gets good ratings. Might
be slightly more in-line with what we're doing, since we're really
trying for an event listing (I think). 

Otherwise, I think this calendar plugin seems fine. 


Joe Brockmeier
jzb at zonker.net
Twitter: @jzb
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