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Hey ankur,

Thanks for the reply. I totally I agree with you, if we maintain the fedocal then it would be very easy for us to put the events directly to the magazine(with iCal importing). But it would work only if we could set up different calendars on the fedocal according to the categories. I will open a ticket for that as Kevin suggested. So it would be helpful if you could suggest to FamSCo to make it mandatory for Ambassadors to add their events in the fedocal as well.


Subject: Re: [Fedora Magazine] Event Calendar
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On Thu, 2013-08-22 at 00:30 +0300, Zacharias Mitzelos wrote:
> So I made some tests with the calendar, and it full supports iCal as
> an import option. The only problem now is that the Fedora Calendar
> doesn't have all the list of Events (Comparing with the events posted
> on wiki). So either way we have to post the events on our own, either
> on the magazine's calendar or in the fedora calendar.. And another
> problem when importing is that on the Fedora Calendar all the events
> are in one category (instead from the magazine which we categorize
> them to FUDcons, FAD, Release Parties etc..) So when importing we have
> to categorize them again. (except the meetings, which can sort them
> all under one category)
Can this be avoided if we maintain different calendars on fedocal
itself? Instead of a single "Events" calendar, we could have separate
calendars for:
Release parties
Or we could request upstream to include a fixed set of "tags", if we
want to keep the one calendar?
(We already do categorize our events in this manner)
A subset of all the calendars on fedocal can then be exported and picked
up by fedora-magazine. 
I already see some events on fedocal, but it wouldn't be too much work
to request FAmSCo to make this a mandatory step for all events. (I can
go ahead and file a ticket myself.)
Basically, I think it'll make more sense to keep fedocal the main
calendar for everything in the project, since it's FAS accessible and
then export required information to various places, including
Would it also be possible to put a link to fedocal in the calendar page.
Something like:
"There's a lot going on in Fedora all the time! The complete community
calendar can be seen here: https://apps.fedoraproject.org/calendar"
> And I would highly recommend to write the events directly to the
> magazine.. (Besides the events are few and I don't think that it would
> be a problem posting them to the calendar every day or two ;)..)
If I'm not mistaken, only people who have write access to
fedora-magazine can do this. I think adding events to fedocal and
exporting them would be less work for you folks, since you won't have to
keep a look out for new events and then manually update it, and simpler
for the community. 
Warm regards,
Ankur (FranciscoD)
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