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I think it would be more than enough to start only with events as Ankur
says. Having the main events categories would be extremely helpful. I know
Robert Mayr is working into some even more fancy calendar infra, but so
far, I think we can go forward with this one.

I'm attaching the mail to him in case he's not at the mail list and see if
he gets the hint :D

2013/8/23 Zacharias Mitzelos <zacharias.mitzelos at gmail.com>

> Hey ankur,
> Thanks for the reply. I totally I agree with you, if we maintain the
> fedocal then it would be very easy for us to put the events directly to the
> magazine(with iCal importing). But it would work only if we could set up
> different calendars on the fedocal according to the categories. I will open
> a ticket for that as Kevin suggested. So it would be helpful if you could
> suggest to FamSCo to make it mandatory for Ambassadors to add their events
> in the fedocal as well.
> Thanks!
> Zacharias
> Subject: Re: [Fedora Magazine] Event Calendar
> From: sanjay.ankur at gmail.com
> To: marketing at lists.fedoraproject.org
> Date: Fri, 23 Aug 2013 10:46:58 +1000
> On Thu, 2013-08-22 at 00:30 +0300, Zacharias Mitzelos wrote:
> > So I made some tests with the calendar, and it full supports iCal as
> > an import option. The only problem now is that the Fedora Calendar
> > doesn't have all the list of Events (Comparing with the events posted
> > on wiki). So either way we have to post the events on our own, either
> > on the magazine's calendar or in the fedora calendar.. And another
> > problem when importing is that on the Fedora Calendar all the events
> > are in one category (instead from the magazine which we categorize
> > them to FUDcons, FAD, Release Parties etc..) So when importing we have
> > to categorize them again. (except the meetings, which can sort them
> > all under one category)
> Can this be avoided if we maintain different calendars on fedocal
> itself? Instead of a single "Events" calendar, we could have separate
> calendars for:
> Release parties
> FUDCons
> FADs
> Unconferences
> ...
> Or we could request upstream to include a fixed set of "tags", if we
> want to keep the one calendar?
> (We already do categorize our events in this manner)
> A subset of all the calendars on fedocal can then be exported and picked
> up by fedora-magazine.
> I already see some events on fedocal, but it wouldn't be too much work
> to request FAmSCo to make this a mandatory step for all events. (I can
> go ahead and file a ticket myself.)
> Basically, I think it'll make more sense to keep fedocal the main
> calendar for everything in the project, since it's FAS accessible and
> then export required information to various places, including
> fedora-magazine.
> Would it also be possible to put a link to fedocal in the calendar page.
> Something like:
> "There's a lot going on in Fedora all the time! The complete community
> calendar can be seen here: https://apps.fedoraproject.org/calendar"
> > And I would highly recommend to write the events directly to the
> > magazine.. (Besides the events are few and I don't think that it would
> > be a problem posting them to the calendar every day or two ;)..)
> If I'm not mistaken, only people who have write access to
> fedora-magazine can do this. I think adding events to fedocal and
> exporting them would be less work for you folks, since you won't have to
> keep a look out for new events and then manually update it, and simpler
> for the community.
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> Thanks,
> Warm regards,
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