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Here is a description of the guide:  The Getting Involved Guide is written to be a quick reference guide for open source community members who want to get involved with the Fedora Project.  This guide focuses on a simple approach to understanding what the Fedora Project does, why it is important, and the value of getting involved. In addition, this guide gives examples of many useful ways to get involved with the Fedora Project. Here is a link to the page that I am working on, its still very much a draft. think it should be there as well so people can have a QRG to reference if need be. - Chris Roberts 
Chris Roberts
>>> Ankur Sinha <sanjay.ankur at> 08/22/13 8:56 PM >>>Hi,Apologies for the ultra late reply :/On Mon, 2013-08-05 at 21:36 -0400, Chris Roberts wrote:> I think regarding the wiki page it should exist. I do really like the> apps.fp.o scheme and I think that would be an awesome idea for the> landing page. But I think we should have a wiki page still, because if> someone is reading within the wiki and they read about the different> teams, then goto click how can I contribute, the page is right there> for them. I am just using my input how I would navigate the site if I> was a normal user visiting the first time. Maybe we could have some> links back to the landing page within the wiki page itself?I didn't mean to say that I wanted the landing page removed. I'm sorryif that's how it came across. What I meant was that there should be*one* document that any one who wants to join Fedora should look at. So,Fedora website landing page[1] (*shiny*) -> wiki page withdetails[2](details)works really well. I'm wondering what role the "getting involvedguide"[3] is supposed to play in this. Is it supposed to be a one pageversion of the detailed wiki page, or a walk through? It seems to justparaphrase the same information that the above two pages have. [1][2][3] Thanks,Warm regards,Ankur (FranciscoD) Fedora! Come talk to us!
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