10th Anniversary of the Fedora Project

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I would agree on the monthly basis as well, as we would have more time to finish the given topic and make sure it is perfect and reflects everything ;) I also think that the weekly pace can not only tire the people, but us as well in the process.


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I agree with Joe, monthly seems much more doable. Plus that will give us time to make sure we get that months topic covered as best as we can.
I think this is a good case where trac tickets are usable, I believe it can help us manage each months project with a little more ease. I was speaking to Joe in IRC and we have come up with some good ideas for the marketing trac.

- Chris Roberts

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On Wed, Aug 28, 2013 at 05:22:37PM +0200, Zoltan Hoppar wrote:
> I think weekly basis is much better, as the next Fedora release is not
> earlier as 2013-11-26. So, having retrospective with inserts from
> earlier conference pictures, and features made we together, and
> running systems,  FPLs.... I think let it be 10 week 10 interview with
> inserts, documentary like - and visualization of as the code has
> evolved. Gource vid as insert perhaps? Community size, registered
> projects, number of features per release.... perhaps...

Well, that seems a bit much to 1) produce and 2) promote to me. However,
I won't stand in the way of others if they're going to do the work. I'll
commit to taking on some of a 12-month thing, but the prior results of a
weekly plan (dropped on floor) make me suspect that a weekly pace is a
bit much.

Any other thoughts? I'm happy to start creating Trac tickets for the
project and putting together a plan on the wiki... or content to let
someone else take lead on that and help where needed/where I can.


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