10th Anniversary of the Fedora Project

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In data mercoledì 28 agosto 2013 17:22:37, Zoltan Hoppar ha scritto:
> Hi,
> I think weekly basis is much better, as the next Fedora release is not
> earlier as 2013-11-26. So, having retrospective with inserts from
> earlier conference pictures, and features made we together, and
> running systems,  FPLs.... I think let it be 10 week 10 interview with
> inserts, documentary like - and visualization of as the code has
> evolved. Gource vid as insert perhaps? Community size, registered
> projects, number of features per release.... perhaps...
> Zoltan

I'm thinking about this idea and it seems good to me, but why don't include (in the 
documentary like project as Zoltan said) the changes of technological world (or in the 
whole world) in these 10 years?

For example, something like:

"in the year 2006 while cpu was pentium core (maybe), fedora switched from the 
release 4 to release 5 and 6...."

This can give a concrete temporal order to the growing of Fedora also to  people not 
able to understand the exact location of the year.


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