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On Thu, Aug 29, 2013 at 12:01:07PM +0200, Gabriele Trombini @mailga wrote:
> as you know I'm a new member of this group (I joined few days ago).

Hi Gabri! Welcome! 

> I see lots of wikipages about the activity and I'm a bit confused (I see 
> it's under revision), so I'm trying to summarize here the main activities 
> and goals.

Thanks for asking for clarification. Like most FOSS projects, things are
*always* under revision here, I think. But you've done the best thing,
which is to ask the community for clarification. (And maybe you can help
with clarification as well.) 

> Briefly:
> 1) spreading news;
> 2) contacts with LUG;
> 3) long term strategies;
> 4) dispel common myths;
> 5) keep fedora magazine;
> 6) maintaing updated marketing wikipages.
> Think these are the major areas of interest where team is acting 
> (please do tell me if I'm mistaken).

Seems right to me - anyone notice anything missing?

> 2) contacts with LUGs: my own opinion here is different; here in Italy i 
> tried to keep contacts with the main lugs located in the North, but is a 
> lost cause. Often italian lugs are tied to their activities having a 
> specific interest in things not related to an operating system (there 
> are groups interested in hardware, in programming and so on), even 
> though they are using Linux. Besides every little town has his own lug, 
> so it's really difficult keep contacts with them. At last I think this 
> activity could be performed by country Ambassadors.

That does seem like something for the Ambassador teams to handle, but I
think marketing is the contact point for providing resources to
Ambassadors/LUGs to help promote Fedora. 

> 3) long term strategies: 

I'm still a little new here, so I'm not really sure how budget is
currently being tracked. Here's the most recent info, I believe:

Asking around for more info.

> 4) dispel commons myths: outdated IMHO.

I think maybe this would be better expressed as "Telling Fedora's story
and informing new users/contributors." 

> 5) keep fedora magazine: discussing with Mitzie, croberts and jzb, it's 
> not clear who have to do what. For example we could assign task for 
> each area of interest, avoiding the overcrowding in a specific sector of 
> the magazine. We can launch a call for research of news editors, 
> events editors, technical topics editors, blog collecting editors (I would 
> love to have a "Fedora inside" section) etc.

Usually people step up for tasks that interest them, it's hard to
assign things to volunteers if they're not already motivated to do those

But perhaps we could start identifying areas of need and asking for
volunteers a little more aggressively. 

> My article proposal is related to what EMEA Ambassador are doing 
> with the Tibetan contributors (interviews with both and personal 
> considerations).

Sounds interesting!

> 6) maintainig updated marketing wikipages: I saw you're revisioning 
> the marketing pages, and in this direction I think that an index page 
> (which collect all the pages) should be required. 

Is that something you can help with?

> Sorry for boring (and for my English), but I want have clear ideas.

Your English is fine, and no need to apologize for asking good
questions. See also:


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