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On Thu, Aug 29, 2013 at 10:09:08PM +0200, Gabriele Trombini @mailga wrote:
> Yes, that's the way I understand; but in the Marketing wikipage [1] is listed this point:
> "Solicit Linux User Groups[1] members to use and contribute to Fedora. "
> I'm also an Ambassador and this should be on their business.

OK, should we edit that? Note that there's always going to be cross-over
between groups and as long as the work's getting done, I don't think
anyone will be upset if it's done with someone wearing a "marketing" hat
or "ambassador" hat. ;-) 

> > > 4) dispel commons myths: outdated IMHO.
> > 
> > I think maybe this would be better expressed as "Telling Fedora's story
> > and informing new users/contributors."
> I think this is on Ambassador business, marketing shouldn't have contacts with users, 
> only with other sections of the Project. 

But the materials provided by Marketing have a direction, and any
materials we're creating should stick to a story we want/need to convey
to users (and those will be consumed directly by users or by ambassadors
talking to users). 

> > > 6) maintainig updated marketing wikipages: I saw you're revisioning
> > > the marketing pages, and in this direction I think that an index page
> > > (which collect all the pages) should be required.
> > 
> > Is that something you can help with?
> It's easy, if we collect all the wikipages and fill in the category marketing_something, 
> the index page will be created with all the links. 

OK. If you want to take a first pass at that, it'd be awesome. Thanks!


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