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Sat Aug 31 08:47:07 UTC 2013

Hi Joe,

In data venerdì 30 agosto 2013 10:21:22, Joe Brockmeier ha scritto:
> On Thu, Aug 29, 2013 at 10:09:08PM +0200, Gabriele Trombini 
@mailga wrote:
> > Yes, that's the way I understand; but in the Marketing wikipage [1] 
> > listed this point: "Solicit Linux User Groups[1] members to use 
> > contribute to Fedora. " I'm also an Ambassador and this should be 
> > their business.
> OK, should we edit that? Note that there's always going to be cross-
> between groups and as long as the work's getting done, I don't think
> anyone will be upset if it's done with someone wearing a "marketing" 
> or "ambassador" hat. 

Sure! but only in a operative way. 
Marketing is different from ambassador for their kind of work. 
Anyway you're right, this is a small issue. 

> > > > 4) dispel commons myths: outdated IMHO.
> > > 
> > > I think maybe this would be better expressed as "Telling 
Fedora's story
> > > and informing new users/contributors."
> > 
> > I think this is on Ambassador business, marketing shouldn't have 
> > with users, only with other sections of the Project.
> But the materials provided by Marketing have a direction, and any
> materials we're creating should stick to a story we want/need to 
> to users (and those will be consumed directly by users or by 
> talking to users).

I'm not completely sure about this.
Strategies need to be  shared with ambassador, but reaching user 
(target) in different ways.
IMHO in this case marketing is the glue between ambassadors and 
users because we must prepare the ground for a specific event (press 
releases, authorities etc. ), the ambassadors don't need to do 
that as well; however we should be on their side for anything they 
In this way, yes we should dispel common myths, with press release 
and with any other tool we have. 



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