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Hello Zacharias

In data venerdì 30 agosto 2013 22:56:07, Zacharias Mitzelos ha scritto:

    In my opinion, in order to start assigning tasks to magazine    editors, we need to 
get more contributors before start doing that.    But I support this idea, cause we 
could add people in groups in the    magazine (WordPress supports that). And that 
could also do our life    easier, because each one would know on what to work on.         

My opinion is near the one jzb said. It being understood that we need people, in order 
to being more prolific in the research of volunteers, we should pick out tasks first.

In the discussion in websites[1] ML Matthew Miller proposed the merge of fedmag with 
fp.o; in that way the magazine could take advantage of the fp.o visibility. Which way 
the merge should be done I don't know. :-)  


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