[In the news] The-H: Fedora 19 - "Schrödinger's Cat" - is most certainly alive

Ankur Sinha sanjay.ankur at gmail.com
Wed Jul 3 11:39:36 UTC 2013


"Despite having a codename that evokes quantum uncertainty, Fedora 19
"Schrödinger's Cat", has arrived on time. The new release of Fedora
arrives with the features as previewed in May's beta. For developers,
the OpenShift Origin platform-as-a-service, the Node.js asynchronous
JavaScript platform and Ruby 2.0 as standard are highlights of the
release. Database users will find Fedora 19 has switched to MariaDB as
its new standard database, while makers will find a range of 3D design
and print tools are now available. There's also a switch to GCC 4.8 for
building packages and updated desktop software in the form of GNOME 3.8,
KDE Plasma Workspace 4.10 and Mate 1.6.

The H will have an in-depth look at the features of Fedora 19 in the
very near future. In the meantime, users who want to try out the new
release can first consult the release notes and then download it from
fedoraproject.org/get-fedora where it is available as a 915MB ISO format
image for 64-bit PCs or in a range of other formats with different
desktops and for different architectures."


Warm regards,
Ankur (FranciscoD)


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