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> Hi,
> let me put it straight, you should find the sound before you start putting
> the movie together. Why simple the sound defines in ur case when you have
> to change the pictures.
> Second, the video takes only 44 secs, what is good. But if you look at it
> as a neutral person, you will find out nothing is transported
> You begin with typing slowly FLOCK takes a long time 4 secs what means 10%
> of the whole thing
> then a slide showing "Fedora Visits CHARLESTON" another 3 secs
> another one where you even change the position of the key information
> "From 9th To 12th August" another 3 secs, to the chosen picture did you
> ever hear of the rule of thirds?
> another one "Meet All Awesome Fedora People At The Same Place" 5secs
> another "Over 100 Presentations" 2 secs
> a strange word cloud 12 secs
> another one "Be The Part This Journey" I am not native english speaker but
> this sounds even strange to me 4 secs
> the last one with key information, including a typo 9 secs
> I hope you made the last 9 secs because it contains that what shall be
> transported for an promotional video for flock the 5W, but I am still
> question why it gets so little space . Instead of the more important 5W
> there is a big blue sign ;)
> So when everything what is important is on the last picture for what are
> all the others? Generally the information is reduced but is it really the
> minimum a viewer can recognize and keep over the time? Nope... watch some
> commercials they dont use 30 secs to hammering some unnecessary information
> to ur brain, they use the power video has they transporting a message via
> picture and then show only the ultimative information on the end.
> so is the slow first one necessary? No
> the information, Charleston on the second nope is redundant
> the date on the third nope, redundant.
> now the next two are that what should be transported "WHY SHOULD I GO TO
> FLOCK" so you should concentrate on that ;)
> so the Meet-Picture, thats a right one nice people and friendly, about
> whats written on it, you should think a little bit more I dont think you
> will meet ALL Fedora people there.
> The next picture is different, I am sure I am not the only one who think
> that must be a boring talk ;)
> The word cloud is ok to show the topics but question urself, who shall
> read that all, so you can speed that up.
> So concentrate on the why message and think not so much in text and simple
> put the important 5W on the end and you will have a nice promo video.
> so that you see I am not only make critics https://vimeo.com/16255933 as
> its done in the same technique.
> I hope it helps a little bit
> br gnokii
Yes it was really helpful, thanks for your comments. I will try to work on
the changes and put the updated video ASAP.

Nitesh Narayan Lal
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